‘Super League’ endorsement from one of Bradford’s greatest!

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Date July 4, 2016

We like to get to know our clients and their fans, to do this we are keen to promote them in different ways. By doing this we are able to attract different fans and a prime example of this has been through our client Crown to Cuff. In their case we by utilise their sponsorship of Bradford Bulls.

Danny who is a keen Rugby League fan writes a weekly post about current or former Bradford Bulls stars and the articles have proven to be incredibly successful. With them reaching over 10,000 people in various communities on a number of occasions.

Last week we featured the Bulls and Great Britain legend, Stuart Fielden. The piece itself flew and resulted in a reach of 3,726, 122 likes and 13 shares on Facebook alone. Whilst on Twitter it gained 208 impressions and one of these was Stuart Fielden himself! (although we did tag him in it, for good measure).

Stuart Fielden fb

Nonetheless, Stuart read our profile on him and replied to us via Crown to Cuffs account and stated that our player profile was “Literally priceless, as this gives the most in depth look into my career. Which the main media misses.” He also requested a copy of the document, so he could put it in a scrapbook for his son; which we were more than happy to do! If you would like to see the post on Stuart or any more of the Bradford players, you will find them on Crown to Cuffs Facebook page.

Alternatively, if you think you could benefit from us telling part of your story email hello@yourstory.digital for more information.

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