My Work Experience at Your Story by Orla Kuster

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Date July 20, 2016

We make an effort to include young people who are interested in the growing industry of Online Marketing.

A few weeks ago Orla, a local seventeen year old who is studying A Level Business Studies came in for a taste of how we work. Orla is hoping to study Business at university next year and wanted to get an insight into a huge aspect of modern day business, which isn’t covered in her college course as thoroughly as she feels necessary.

She had this to say about her time with us:

Working for a week with the friendly Your Story team, focusing on the social media side of marketing, allowed me to understand what the company does and why their work is so important, especially for growing businesses. Before I started my placement, people often said, ‘What do they actually do?’ and ‘That sounds easy’, leaving me intrigued into what makes Your Story a successful business.  Well, I can tell you now, it’s not easy.

It’s so amazing when you realise how almost everything on social media is connected and monitored. One of these monitoring tools allows you to know exactly when the client’s fans go on Facebook, so you can then schedule posts to be delivered at the best times. Monitoring conversations were also another area which intrigued me, for example. when using a certain tool, conversations about ‘moving house for example’, can be shown in an instant. Which helps the marketers gain more knowledge of their target market and in turn, it can help you make posts more personal. In addition to this these tools help you find more potential customers, who might be interested in what you can offer and you are then able to engage with them and lead them in the right direction (to the clients website).

Everyone at Your Story would like to thank Orla for the hard work she did whilst with us and good luck at University in September.

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