How to use Facebook for Business: The Basics

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Date September 9, 2016

Facebook is home to more than one billion users, being the most used social media platform to date. Not a day goes by without mentioning the word ‘Facebook’ or talking about the latest thing on your News Feed. Day to day, people use it for socialising, sharing posts, sharing videos and generally just having a nosey (you know it’s true!).

In recent years, Facebook has been used for achieving business intentions. It is in fact one of the most cost effective ways of marketing what a business or organisation has to offer.

Since so many people use the platform, it can be difficult for businesses to reach users on Facebook, so without further ado, I will share some tips in order to be a successful business on the forever-expanding Facebook and how not to get lost in the crowd.

‘Facebook for Business’

With Facebook’s evergrowing amount of features, it’s important to make the most of them and use them to your benefit to market your product or service offering in the best way. Discover ‘Facebook for Business’ – a part of Facebook where you can manage your page, promote certain posts and analyse your audience. It will ensure you can connect your potential customers to your business and you can control what posts or ads they see.


Building a Page – Dos & Don’ts

DO ✓ Use a professional picture – if you use a logo, make sure you can see what the logo is from a distance so users can easily recognise it.

DON’T X Leave your ‘about’ page blank or minimal. If someone is on your profile and wants basic information about your business, they are more likely to click on the ‘about’ section than go through the effort of opening a new window to search for you on Google.

DO ✓ Entice happy customers/clients to leave a Facebook review to build a good reputation of your business.

DON’T X Post every 5 minutes. Users will only turn into customers if they are interested in your business! Posting too much will cause them to lose interest and there is nothing more annoying than a business spamming your newsfeed.

DO ✓ Schedule your content. Facebook gives you the ability to schedule your posts days, weeks and even months in advance. You’ll still need to do it regularly to get the most recent content and keep your fans up-to-date, but if you lead a busy life it takes some of the pressure off!

DON’T X Just post text or links. Mix it up with different types of media – Images, videos, podcasts etc. But always keep it relevant!

DO ✓ Get your friends and family to like the page and share your content. People see hundreds of adverts and company logos every day, but a lot of the time it’s only until it’s linked to someone or something familiar that people take notice!

DO ✓ Have a go at Facebook Lead Ads – See our blogpost on Facebook Lead Ads.

Be Insightful

So once you have built up a following and created content for a few weeks, your next step is to analyse your audience to see who your online target audience is in order to base your content around. Facebook have an ‘insights’ feature which measures reach and engagement. You can also see the age, gender and location of your fans. This will help you manage your page and see what content is suitable to your audience.


So, hopefully now you will be able to start up a page on Facebook with an idea of what to do and what to avoid. Facebooks on-screen instructions should help you to get the gist of things, and before you know it you will have a Facebook page that can be used to market your business!


If you would like any more advice, we offer social media training/workshops and social media management. Visit the Services page on our website to see more about what we can do for you.