Social Media myths unravelled

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Date October 14, 2016


Social media is a fairly new phenomenon and one which not everyone understands in terms of its benefits for businesses, this means it can be a scary thing to contemplate. This also gives a rise to myths which may stop you from diving into the great world of social media marketing.

So we’re taking a look at some of those myths about social and hopefully put your minds at ease along the way.

  • Isn’t all social FREE?

Being active on social media actually costs nothing. So if you want to make a social presence there really shouldn’t be anything stopping you. But to really hit your target market it is advisable to put some budget towards this. Now you may say “I can’t afford to do this”. Well, in reality it is very cheap and due to the incredible targeting, you will get a lot more for your money than in any other form of advertising. With you being able to spend as little as £3 a day on highly targeted Facebook advert.

  • We can’t measure social media.

Totally untrue. Each social platform has its very own reporting system. All of which again is FREE (although you may need a certain number of likes to use Facebook Insights for example).
Each of these reporting systems will allow you to monitor the success of your posts, page and any adverts you may run. In turn, these reporting systems can give you valuable data about your customers and their habits.

In addition to this you will also be able to use Google Analytics to measure the number of visits to your website as a result of social media and then track what they actually did once on your website.

  • Social media doesn’t convert users into buyers.

This is where some paid advertising may come in handy. This is because social media advertising is directed at a highly targeted audience, based on data from what those consumers’ search or their online purchasing habits for example.

However, before spending on paid posts, you should spend time listening to your audience and as a result your social media advertising budget should be ample enough to reach your existing and potential fans.

In spite of this even organic social posts can eventually convert by opening up conversations and interactions via relevant content that establishes a trusted relationship with your target market, so it isn’t all spend, spend, spend on this front either.

  • My consumers aren’t social.

There is a small segment of consumers who are not on social — that’s true. But almost anybody with a device is at least looking at (if not playing on) one of the platforms. With 28 million people on Facebook 14 times a day in the UK alone!

So if you do the work, you’re bound to find your audience on any number of social platforms and be able to engage with them.

  • You have to be everywhere.

Nope. Not all social platforms will be right for your business. Due to this the best way to choose what suits you best is to find out where your consumers are— and where it makes sense for your brand.

For instance, companies with a product or service that isn’t particularly conducive to visuals or live streaming video don’t need to be on YouTube or Instagram; if your marketing is better conveyed in text, considering platforms built for long-form content, such as LinkedIn (most beneficial for B2B businesses), or short-form text, such as Twitter may be for you. Although if it is a combination of both don’t look further than Facebook (perfect for B2C businesses), as it is the number one social platform for a reason!

  • Content and social are separate entities.

In reality you need to create engaging, high-quality content for your chosen channels that keeps your audience wanting, sharing and engaging more. Content which is shareable, and engaging on social media is now even recognised by Google and as a result it will help improve  your ranking on SERP’s.

Overall, there is no real reason why one form of social media won’t work for you, and it doesn’t have to break your budget by any means. All businesses and brands can create great content (tailored to each social network) that drives engagement among the right audience, which is measurable, and ultimately drives sales. So what’s stopping you?
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Danny Cayzer

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