Harkiran – Work Placement Student

Harkiran's Leeds Trinity University Work Placement

Date June 28, 2019

H Work placement

My degree has given me the stage to start blogging, starting Instagram and Twitter profiles from scratch to gain a following, and having real-life experiences with clients and producing a plan of ways to improve their online performance. Platforms I used were WordPress, where I published step-by-step digital effects tutorials, and Medium. Since doing this, I have always been interested as to what it is like in an agency. As part of my second year Placement Development Programme module, I have been given the chance to have a six-week placement with a company of my choice, and I chose to spend it at Your Story!


Cathy, Claire, Sophie, and Rebecca welcomed me with warm arms and treated me as their own. Being there not only gave me the life experience of being in a marketing agency office but, the skill and knowledge of other marketing tools, such as creating e-shots on MailChimp, organizational skills when creating content for clients such as Jinnah, Bengal Brasserie and Brett’s, and creative skills when designing on CANVA! My favourite parts of this placement were having control over the ShopAppy Instagram, creating collages on the app unfold (suggested by Becka) and getting creative with Instagram stories.

I have had the chance to nominate Your Story for an Employability Award at my university. I nominated Cathy and Claire for ‘Most Supportive Professional Placement Provider’ and they also nominated myself as ‘Best Placement Student’ which is really nice of them. The awards ceremony will take place on Friday 12th June and Leeds Trinity University and I am really looking forward to seeing them on the night!

The Your Story team took me out for lunch, which was very kind of them, they really made me feel comfortable and safe. As I have finished my University year now, I have decided to come back and work for Cathy and her team a few days a week and I am really enjoying it!

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