Charlotte – Work Placement Student

Charlotte's Leeds Trinity University Work Placement

Date July 5, 2019

Charlotte Work PlacementI’m Charlotte, a First year Media and Marketing student from Leeds Trinity University. As part of the Professional Development and Placement module, I was given the opportunity to go on work placement for 5 weeks. After my interview with Cathy had gone well and she invited me to do a placement with her company I was looking forward to my time working at Your Story. 



During my First year of University, I developed new skills such as photo editing, blog writing and marketing fundamentals for businesses. Similarly, I was exposed to new platforms such a Photoshop, Premiere Pro and WordPress. These past experiences and skills were particularly useful when I started my placement as I found many of these skills were directly applicable and transferable.  


At Your Story I used my existing skills for tasks such as; writing blog posts for clients, creating website copy for new pages and designing images for social media posts. Whilst here I also developed my skills further and worked with new platforms such as, CANVA, Hootsuite and Facebook Business/Ad Manager. The guidance and encouragement from Claire, Becka and Cathy when using these platforms has been a great confidence boost and I feel my skills have quickly improved thanks to the supportive environment created.  


As well as supporting me in the office Claire took me to my first networking event which was part of the Leeds Trinity Business Network. Even though it was overwhelming and out of my comfort zone I was grateful for the opportunity to not only begin learning the social skills needed for these events but also gain a better understanding of what happens during a meeting. Another out of office day included a trip to one of the client’s restaurants for lunch and the opportunity to take photos which we can then use on the social media content we plan for them.  


Towards the end of the placement, I was grateful to see that the team had nominated me for an award at the Leeds Trinity Employability Awards night. I have been put forward for the Best Placement Student Level 4 and am looking forward to the event.  Cathy has also offered me a part-time position with the company over the summer which will allow me to continue developing my skills and get additional industry experience. 



Overall, I am so pleased I was given the opportunity to do my placement with Your Story as the experience has taught me a lot about the Digital Marketing industry, I have developed my skills and I have learned new things which I hope to apply to my future career and studies.  

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