Top 5 ways to Increase Instagram Engagement 

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Date August 20, 2019

Keeping up with the changing algorithms on Instagram to ensure your posts are doing the best they can is an overwhelming task!

However, we know some tried and tested ways on how you can increase your Instagram engagement rate. Keep reading to learn 5 easy methods you can apply to grow and add more followers to your Instagram account.

Instagram engagement

  1. Keeping your private messages active

This might sound silly but Instagram decides what photos to show images to people based on what they think people most want to see. This means that if you want more people to see your post your current followers need to be interested in what you are doing. By messaging with different accounts you’ll not only feel like you are a part of the community but will also have a better chance at being at the top of your followers news feed. An easy way to start this is by saying a little something to new people who give you a follow. 

  1. Hashtag interactions

Another way to make sure people are seeing your posts is to be featured in the top section of the hashtags you are using. In order to make your posts appear here, you need to be active on the particular hashtags you are using. For example, if you post photos using #cuteanimals make sure you look through that hashtag and like/comment on other users posts. Plus this will get more people interested in your content and you might start to see your followers and likes going up. 

  1. Find big influencers within your community 

Try to interact with the big accounts that dominate the category your posts fall into. For example, if you are a bakery follow bigger accounts such as @thelittlebrowniecompany or @magnoliabakery. Once you follow them turn on post notifications so you can be one of the first to interact with their posts. You can also like and reply to other users comments as they will likely be interested in your content too if it is similar to the big influencers posts you are commenting on. 

  1. Post regular, quality content

One of the ways Instagram decides what content to show your followers is to do with the quality – Instagram will try to guest what posts you care most about and show those higher in your followers feed. Posting high-quality content on a regular basis will make your account seem better quality – which is obviously a win-win when it comes to increasing your Instagram engagement as not only will current followers see your post but new accounts are more likely to find you through hashtags or on the explore page!

  1. Engagement Groups

This one has been known to work wonders in the past since the more likes and comments it gets shortly after being posted the more likely Instagram is to show it to a higher percentage of your followers! Instagram engagement groups work because you and other accounts from the same niche can message in the chat when you upload a new picture and the other members can go and write genuine comments and give it a like. Remember ‘real’ comments should use three or more words and get a reply. 

Play around with these different methods and work out what helps your account grow the most. Sometimes it’ll only be necessary for you to apply a couple of these tips in order for your account to see growth. Just don’t give up. Finding how best to work with the algorithm can be frustrating so if you feel like you’re getting nowhere then just mix up the methods or try some new tactics! 

Applying these 5 methods to your usage could encourage your Instagram engagement and help your account grow but being consistent is also key, if you don’t have the time to create regular content to keep the wheels turning on your online presence then we can help! Take a look at the different social media services we offer today and start unlocking your businesses potential. 

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