Necessity is the mother of invention

Date March 20, 2020

There is no doubt that these are difficult times and difficult times call for difficult measures.

This week I have seen organisations adapt how they work to make the most of the challenges they face. From online choirs to traditional restaurants switching to takeaway services, people are adapting.

One of our clients has been working hard for the last three years to encourage retailers to take advantage of this online platform where independent businesses can display their products and services and benefit from their marketing activity. This is great for businesses without an online presence and it also has a click and collect option for shoppers who can’t get to the local shops during the day.

This week they offered 3 months free membership of the platform with delivery options to help local businesses through this crisis. This week 7 new towns have joined ShopAppy with another 7 in the pipeline. Many businesses received orders on day one!

Another of our clients Millercare Mobility Specialist who specialise in mobility aids and personal products for the elderly and people with disabilities has changed their offer of free delivery on larger items to include those everyday items. They are providing a contactless service for this vulnerable group which is being well received.

I am President of Leeds White Rose Rotary Club and following government guidance we cancelled our breakfast meeting and overnight replaced it with a Zoom meeting. This was a great success we were able to include people in self-isolation and a member in France. This will replace our weekly breakfast meeting for the foreseeable future. We are donating what we would have spent on breakfast to Charities on the ground such as the Trussell Trust and Joanna Project in Leeds.

Cathy BurnsTimes are going to be tough and are changing fast but those businesses who are fast on their feet can adapt to suit the circumstances and perhaps make a positive impact on your community too. It also offers an opportunity to focus on your own marketing.

If you’re wondering how your business can adapt to every changing circumstance, I’m happy to help you explore the possibilities. Email me at cathy@yourstory.digiital.

Cathy Burns