A week in the life of Coronavirus and Your Story

A week in the life of Coronavirus and Your Story

Date March 30, 2020


It’s been busy this past week, on Tuesday we heeded the PM’s advice and started working from home which worked remarkably well. We started our day with a Zoom call to plan the day’s activities and off we went.

Some of our clients are unable to trade those in the online space have never been busier.

We’ve been producing explainer videos and doing lots of Facebook Advertising.


Lead GenerationI love Facebook Advertising it’s so targeted and cost-effective. I remember the days of paying £10k for advertisement in the Sunday Times which was wrapping up fish and chips the day after and now £100 will get you some response depending upon your objectives. I can only dream of having a £10k budget on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising can have different objectives, web traffic, engagement, brand awareness and more but my favourite is Lead Generation. Facebook isn’t a kiosk and there are some products and services which simply won’t sell the first time on Facebook. And that’s hardly surprising as you need to build trust in your brand. What Lead Generation ads allow you to do is collect contact details of people interested in your product build a relationship with through your sales pipeline and our clients have had demonstrable success converting these leads.

It’s been all hands on deck at ShopAppy.com. Their offer to local businesses of joining the platform for FREE for 3 months during the Coronavirus crisis has attracted attention from many towns across the Uk and hundreds of new businesses have joined the platform. I’ve spent the last couple of days on the phone helping to onboard these businesses which has been enlightening. It’s so good to speak to the end-user of the services we market. The traders of Todmorden Market have seen dozens of new orders in the last week and love the platform.

If you know any local businesses in your town that would like to take advantage of this offer please get in touch.

It’s back to calling local businesses this week and I’m really looking forward to it!

Cathy – email: cathy@yourstory.digital, tel: 07940 461113.

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