A week in the life of Coronavirus and Your Story Video killed the radio star?

Your Story Digital

Date April 22, 2020

Gin and TonicsSo we concluded the week with Gin Friday where the www.shopappy.com team reflected over a (what else) a Gin on the previous week. With over 100 towns represented so far and 1000’s of businesses onboarding, each one is a mammoth task. But they’ve had a great week and this week is also starting with a vengeance. There are so many exciting developments around the corner Your Story is proud to have worked with Jackie and the team for over two and a half years and being part of their growth.

I was also invited by Linda Sage to talk about my other passion, the Rotary Club of White Rose Leeds and how we have been adapting to the new world, on her regular programme on the community station Chapelfm.co.uk. This is not my first foray into local radio, I have been Linda’s guest on more than one occasion and I also spoke on BBC Radio Leeds with Stephanie Hirst about the Joanna Project which we support in our rotary group.

It’s a really enjoyable experience and being a bit of a chatterbox, it works well for me. But this was a bit different to live radio as we pre-recorded it from home. Their tech person Elliot did a great job and the recording went really well. I think that radio has an important part to play during social distancing, especially community radio which broadcasts on the ground and is able to put people in touch with local support if they need it.

We had a wine tasting event lined up to raise money for our chosen charities booked for 25th March which obviously had to be cancelled and now we face the challenge of raising money during the lockdown. Our first event will be a (not in the) Pub Quiz which we’ll be running at 7.30 pm on 29th April, it’s on a ‘give as you feel’ basis and promises to be fun. you can join in, full details here: Facebook Event.

We enjoyed the online training session delivered by Ann Page – Building Resilience in Turbulent Times, which was full of techniques to help us cope with the feelings and emotions we are all going through during this period of ongoing change.

Cathy Burns

So we are into week 5 and adapting to the new present and in my experience, video and radio have never played a more important part in our day to day communication and I will certainly be adopting this medium more regularly in my business long after lockdown.