A week in the life of coronavirus and Your Story


Date May 5, 2020

While I miss going to the pub to meet my friends, going out for a meal, planning my next holiday and generally socialising, I’m also amazed at what we are all able to achieve in isolation.

From Captain Tom’s incredible fundraising endeavour to clapping for the NHS, this period has brought out the best of British! At the beginning of the pandemic, I read an article in the Guardian which was a letter to Britain from an Italian in isolation. At that point I couldn’t imagine changing my behaviour to that extent but as he said it’s not so bad. He did mention constantly eating and putting on weight and that certainly resonates with me!

But these last few months have proven that you can indeed get used to a lot of things and to my amazement, I have adapted quite well although I still have my moments when I’m desperate for a night out, usually on a Friday!

I’m currently President of the Rotary Club of White Rose Leeds and we meet every Wednesday morning at 7.30 am at Park Plaza in Leeds City Centre. We had a wine tasting event planned for 29th March. It’s always a big hit and generates £1000’s for our chosen charity as well as being a lot of fun!

We quickly switched our regular meetings to Zoom meetings thanks to some of our more tech-savvy members and the meeting is going really well. But I was really concerned about how we could raise money virtually and one of our members suggested an online quiz. So, through the power of social media and the ingenuity of our quizmaster Hannah Dobson last Wednesday evening we ran a ‘give as you feel’ quiz in support of the great work being done by Holbeck Together. We raised a staggering £1000 for the charity!

Last week was quite momentous in many ways, our client www.shopappy.com was proud to announce that in response to the challenges small high street businesses currently face, Visa is partnering with ShopAppy.com to give immediate support to help small businesses survive and rebuild for the future. Through its partnership with Visa, ShopAppy.com is scaling up across the UK, allowing for a greater number of businesses to sign up to the platform.

When Jackie started her mission to help save the high street she could have only dreamed of this partnership but these unusual times have magnified the need for the platform.

As we enter the seventh-week of lockdown and contemplate ‘new normality’ it’s good to ponder on just what we have achieved and how life can be enriched in life after lockdown by some of the adaptations we have made.