A week in the life of coronavirus, sunny bank holidays and the new normal


Date May 12, 2020

Last week was a strange one, it was interrupted with two trips to Nottingham to collect my daughter and all her stuff as she’s moving back to Leeds, and a bank holiday so I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked.


But wasn’t the weather gorgeous? It just happened to be my birthday too so that was a bonus.


Then on Sunday evening, our thoughts turned to the future as Boris revealed his tentative plans to get to a new normal. To be fair not a great deal will immediately change for us, homeworking will continue.


And at the ‘Monday Elevenses’ event hosted by Jonny Ross at Fleek Marketing and Nikki Towler – virtualDCS, it was interesting to hear how some people have been working from home for years. It is something I have resisted, it’s so comforting to go to the office and meet other people and I’ve always said that I wouldn’t enjoy working from home, but do you know I actually do.


I don’t sit around in my jim jams all day and I still have a structure to the working week but I think I’m actually more productive. We start the day with a zoom call so that we know what we’re working on, and I have several zoom calls throughout the course of the day with customers or on networking events. But I also notice even more those days when it’s difficult to get motoring, do other people have those too?


It will be interesting to see what difference the steady lifting of the lockdown will have. One of our clients UK Prestige Cars is waiting for the car dealerships to open to get going again and many people will be waiting for the supply chain to reopen to resume business.


While children are off school it will be very difficult for some parents to get back to work again so I will not expect business to fully reopen until October (virus permitting). And (breaking news) it would appear the chancellor is expecting that too with the momentous news of the extension of the Furlough scheme.


Cathy BurnsPersonally I think it will be a big help to allow people to return to part-time working during this period and I think this is excellent news for business, well done!.


As for me, I’m seriously considering the merits of home working on a more permanent basis, but it seems that I’ll have some time to make that decision.


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