A week in the life of coronavirus – Do you have a dream or a vision?


Date May 22, 2020


Two and a half years ago I met Jackie Mulligan in an (independent) cafe in Saltaire and was immediately swept up with her enthusiasm for ShopAppy and her vision for the platform. From humble beginnings in Saltaire, ShopAppy is now in over 130 towns across the UK and growing every day. Thousands of orders are being processed and the platform has really helped save many small businesses during this crisis. ShopAppy.com has also recently teamed up with Visa, the digital payments company, leading to a vibrant rebrand and has meant Jackie can expand the website and be able to reach more small shops and high streets who need help.

Who would have believed this would happen?

Well, Jackie for one. Her dogged determination sometimes in the face of adversity, her tireless campaigning on many stages, and her unbounded enthusiasm have helped her smash through glass ceilings and cynicism to achieve her dream.

I have reflected on that word vision, we all dream, every one of us imagines a different future at some point in time but what is it that makes that future a reality? I believe it’s in the word vision. It’s not enough to have a dream for most people unless you’re Martin Luther King. I believe it’s having a vision ‘the ability to plan the future with imagination or wisdom’ that makes a dream real. It’s the characteristics of a person that turns a cherished aspiration or ideal into reality.

During my very happy 10 years at Brilliant Media, I’ve worked with some great retailers such as Superdrug, Dunelm Mills, and Morrisons, and what was it that made them great? They all had a vision.

And Jackie has a great team behind her believing in the benefits of shopping local to the economy, the environment, and the community (me being one). And no one would have wished for a pandemic to accelerate the growth of the platform but now it happens to be exactly the right solution and exactly the right time Рhelping our communities when we all absolutely need it. 

So to you, business owners out there who may be finding it tough at the moment, hold onto your dream, have a vision, and be tenacious. You never know what’s around the next corner.

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