It’s surprising where you can get to from your kitchen table


Date June 23, 2020

This week I’ve been to Lisbon, Enfield, Knaresborough and Kirkcaldy and all without going further than my kitchen table.

Along with Your Story and our clients, another of my passions is the Rotary Club of White Rose Leeds. The only breakfast club in Leeds we previously met at the Park Plaza Hotel off City square Leeds at 7 am each Wednesday and we now meet on Zoom.

For the last twelve months, I have had the honour of being President of the Club, which has been a great experience, a learning curve, demanding but enjoyable. When I was asked to stand for nomination for President-Elect over two years ago someone said those immortal words ‘we haven’t had a female President for 5 years’ and that clinched it for me. I’ve always been a bit of a feminist so the gauntlet was laid down. It’s not so unusual to have Female Presidents in Leeds, in fact, three of my other counterparts are women and they’ve all done an amazing job.

I’ve met some lovely people on the way and one of our member Sofia Rebella is Portuguese and earlier this year she returned to Portugal to live and work and thanks to the wonders of Zoom she regularly attends our meetings. She suggested that our clubs may like to twin and work on joint projects together and so last night we made it happen. We had a joint meeting on Zoom. Our Portuguese isn’t very impressive, I can just manage Obrigado thanks to Sofia, but thankfully their English was excellent. And so it begins, a friendship and working relationship with Rotary Clube Oioris in Portugal, England’s oldest Ally, has begun and we can’t wait for our first Club trip to Lisbon, it’s such a beautiful City.

Elsewhere on my European tour, I’ve crossed the border to Scotland to speak to Cara Forrester at Queendom of Fife on how we can work together to promote Shopappy amongst the businesses and consumers of Fife. It was great to have a conversation with someone with a similar background in media and advertising and we shared a lot of experiences.

Cathy BurnsEnfield Council has been pivotal to taking Shopappy to the first London Borough and the platform will officially launch next week so it was good to meet and coordinate our part in the marketing.