Estate agents

Our work with estate agents

Website design

Something not many people know, is that Phil worked as an estate agent in a former life. He brings his unique experience of web design and agency knowledge to create websites which are simple, attractive and functional.

We understand:

  • The expectations of prospective buyers/tenants and what sort of information they expect to see on estate agent websites, like floor plans, room measurements and high quality photography
  • The expectations of prospective vendors/landlords and how easy they want it to be to do things like book a valuation or phone the office
  • How different types of estate agency software connect with websites, in order for real time property

Social media

Why use social media?

  • People move house every 7 years on average
  • You need to be front of mind when they do
  • Local press and radio can be expensive and can’t be measured
  • Social media is cost effective and on the rise
  • ROI from one house will pay for an entire years social media
  • 28 million people are on Facebook 14 times a day in the UK

Estate agents outsource social media for a number of reasons – they don’t have the time, knowledge or would just prefer to spend their time selling houses!