Our Story

The Story

We all have a Story to tell, what motivated us to take the leap into business, experiences on the way, what makes us different, success stories…

And that’s what we do. We tell your story. Using the medium of web and social media we bring your business to life, we paint a vibrant picture and create and share great content which will engage your customers. We firmly believe that people buy people and it’s our job to reflect your personality, brand and values to attract like -minded customers who will want to do business with you.



Your Story is a new chapter for Cathy Burns and Phil Storey.

We met in January 2014 and immediately saw the synergies in our businesses from designing and building professional affordable websites through to helping businesses harness the enormous potential of social media to create awareness and generate sales. Late that year, we decided to share office space in The Old Brewery on The Calls in Leeds and things have gone from strength to strength. We shared ideas, resources and clients.

But what we really have in common is our commitment to exceptional customer service and constant improvements in delivery.

We are passionate about our business, we love to see our clients’ businesses blossom and frequently become great friends with customers, building enduring relationships. And our clients love us too, often spreading the word through recommendations and referrals.

Our vision is to provide small and medium sized businesses with the resources and professionalism to showcase their businesses and compete with bigger more established organisations.