Our recruitment expertise

We combine our social media and SEO knowledge with years of recruitment expertise to develop innovative digital recruitment campaigns which enable you to reach the right candidates quickly and cost effectively in the right way, at the right time, and through the right social platforms.

Social media advertising is fast becoming an integral part any successful recruitment campaign, particularly if you want to reach a wide audience – 96% of UK adults online have a Facebook account, and it recently celebrated a key milestone – 1 billion users in a day – that equates to one in 7 people on the planet!

Next Recruitment

Case study

Click below to see our case study with Next Recruitment, where we helped them to successfully recruit 1000 new staff.

Combined with other social media platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook forms the backbone of any social recruitment campaign. With 31 million UK users, Facebook reaches every demographic – the fastest growing age group of users is 50+.

We can create a skilfully targeted and measurable social recruitment campaign, which can be regionalised to specific town level, reach people with particular skills or experience and identify current employer or job title.

Using a cost per click (CPC) model enables us to test and adapt your recruitment message in real time and track its success, ensuring you maximise your budget. You don’t have to spend a huge amount to deliver real tangible results.

Social media also provides a virtual shop window, enabling you to showcase your brand, essential in attracting the right candidates, as research shows many people now search on a range of social platforms when deciding on a prospective employer.

Once you’ve got the right people through the door, we can develop a candidate management system which enables you to track your applicants and manage employee information securely.

We have delivered innovative and successful recruitment campaigns for big brands including Next.