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To build and maintain your online brand presence, a strong social media strategy across all key platforms is essential to communicate your brand personality and maintain a conversation and ‘buzz’ about your company.

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Social media enables your audience to engage in direct and meaningful two-way communication, either with you as an organisation or with you as an individual, acting as the face and personality of your brand.

Maintaining social media channels can be fun but also time consuming, and not always easy to manage strategically. Used effectively, social media can be an incredibly powerful and a cost efficient way of building a strong brand identity. It is also a fantastic means of monitoring what people say about you and your competitors, providing rich insight on what is happening in a busy marketplace.

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As a social media management company, Your Story can monitor what’s being said on your behalf, and also use social to help you manage your reputation online, providing a fast response to customer questions and queries, addressing any concerns raised via social to protect your brand.

Let us use our expertise in social media management to create a professional presence for you that delivers on your core business objectives, whether that is recruiting the right people, building your customer base or improving customer service.

We can use a wide range of creative tools including animation, video, competitions and giveaways to help you engage with the right people and get your message across in an innovative way that has real potential to go viral and reach a wide audience.

We offer two social media management solutions to help you manage your social media channels:

1 – Outsource your social to us – We will create and manage your social media strategy across all appropriate key channels, creating usable, sharable, likeable content that resonates with your audience.

2 – Social media workshops – We can deliver a social media workshop to you and your employees, equipping you with the skills to develop your own social media content strategy, enabling you to manage your social media channels effectively and drive engagement that delivers real business benefits through creative social media.

We also provide a full evaluation of results, driven by your online and social activity, demonstrating real value for you and your business.

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